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Black Diamond- Beauty with elegance!

Black diamond the name itself bring a bit of confusion for so many people who are unaware of the charm of this raw and beautiful diamonds. Here we are to lay some light on the beauty of these charming black diamonds. As of late, black diamonds have gotten progressively famous, particularly interesting to those searching […]

Every Diamond Holds A Story To Be Shared and Heard.

Diamonds are one of the most admired gems on Earth. These shining diamonds are the centre of attraction of every jewellery store. Some belief it to be the symbol of love whereas, some consider diamonds as the parameter of royalty and class all the beliefs reflect the love and popularity this stone hold on our […]


Diamonds are delicate and exquisite; they are similarly expensive. A lot of people attribute the charming beauty of diamond jewellery solely based on its texture, shape and size of the gem. However, the gleaming effect of diamond is based on both the gem and its settings. Much of these valuable stones require extraordinary care, they […]


Jewellery is known as a symbol of esteem and royalty in many cultures. When it comes to weddings, birthdays or any special occasion diamond jewellery is considered a marker of financial success and makes a person appear classier.  Whenever we think or search about the diamond, multiple options and keywords make us confused about what […]

Diamonds over gold? Forever!

This love bearing crystal is considered as a traditional symbol of Purity, love and faithfulness. Apart from beautiful history and spiritual meaning diamonds are claimed as better option for all the industry players to invest in. These industry masters believes that diamond is a better replacement to gold in terms of investment. Whereas for people […]