Domestic orders Return Policy: 

 If the order was delivered damaged and if the return request is approved then the

product must be returned in the same condition as it was received, i.e., in the same

form and with the same invoice, and only then a refund will be performed.


Instructions for Return:

1. Within 24 hours of receiving the goods, customers must contact Company’s customer

service system.

2. Customers cannot return products unless a confirmation email has been received.

3. All items must be returned in their completely unaltered original condition.

4. A receipt or guarantee card is required; otherwise, refund requests will not be



Given that no return request would be honoured after the allotted 24 hours.


Refund Processing


 The refund procedure will begin as soon as the goods is delivered. The money will be

promptly transferred back to your account using the same payment method as the

original transaction or by check, but the product must be in its original, unused state,

complete with tags and invoices.

Once the refund procedure has begun, the sum will only be returned through check if

the debit or credit card the client used to place the order is not currently in use.

If the consumer makes a payment online, the money will be repaid within 7 to 15

working days after receiving the returned item(s).


Domestic Order:



 Domestic orders—those that are delivered within of India—will be refunded after

deduction of 10% of the order value.


Within 7 to 15 working days of receipt of the returned goods, all online payments made

by customers will be reimbursed.


In circumstances of COD (cash on delivery, or when received), the amount may be

refunded through cheque or an electronic transfer mode or any other mode at the option

of the company. 



Due to the possibility of pricing differences and the fact that no two pieces of jewellery

will weigh the same, we have the right to deny exchanges for certain goods. Please be

aware that our pricing is based on the most recent prices for precious metals and

diamonds in order to provide you the greatest value. These prices do periodically

change as a result of shifts in the value of precious metals and jewels, which also has

an impact on our prices.


However, the refund will be applied straight to your account or provided as a check if

you want to cancel the order (before to shipment) or return the item because it was

damaged. If a debit or credit card was used to pay for the purchase, only then will the

money be reimbursed by check the order placement was rejected.



 Exchange Policy:

 Return Policy

1. Jewellery sold through any outlet or directly by the company will be accepted for

exchange under the terms and conditions of the company's exchange policy, which is

operated at the company's discretion.

2. Products for exchange in 24kt, 22kt, 18kt, 14kt, and platinum will be accepted after a

thorough examination for defects, weights, and originality, damage or stone defects


(cracks, replacements, alterations), and the company mark / logo. It will not be accepted

for company product exchange if there is any discrepancy in the product.

3. The original cash memo or certificate of authenticity is required for this exchange


4. The following are the product valuation terms:

  Gold and pure platinum goods will be priced at 100% of the current metal rate on

the day of exchange.

 Diamonds (on studded gold/platinum goods) will be priced at the current stone

pricing on the day of exchange.

 If a consumer purchases a studded gold or platinum product against the

exchange, the solitaire (loose solitaire/studded gold or platinum solitaire) shall be

priced at 100% of the prevailing stone rate.

 There will be no exchanges for solitaires weighing 2 carats or more. 

  Any other product category not specified above should be confirmed with the

relevant retailers for the current terms and conditions.


 5. All fees, taxes, and discounts applied to the first invoice will be fully subtracted.

6. For cash refunds, a further deduction of 7% for items in the studded group, 9% for

products with loose stones in them, and 1% for all other product categories, including

plain products, will be made.

7. The exchange program, if any, is subject to cancellation or modification without

notice. Any exceptions will only be made at the company's discretion.

Contact our outlet or our customer service to learn more about the exchange.


General Exchange Policy

 1. In accordance with the company's terms and conditions, general exchange policy will

accept non-Vachya jewellery items.

2. Only jewellery made of plain gold is accepted for exchange under this program.

3. No exchanges are accepted for studded goods.

4. Karatmeter will melt the product and determine its purity before evaluating it.


5. There will be a deduction for gold exchange. Visit the handy store in question for

further information about deductions

6. Only exchange gold for Vachya jewellery; no cash return

7. To learn more, contact the company.

8. The General exchange programme may be cancelled or changed at any time without

warning. Any exceptions will only be made at the company's discretion.


Privacy Policy:


 We understand that protecting your privacy is essential to you. We guarantee that

company will keep the information you have provided with us completely secret and

won't give it to anybody else.

We could ask for information such your name, birthdate, email address, residence

address, phone number, etc. when you register or participate in a survey, contest, sign

up for our newsletter, or place an order. You are always free to opt out of receiving our

informational correspondence from Company.

Additionally, company does not take any payment information on its servers due to

increased security concerns. Each customer's information entered is instantly received

by our payment gateway and sent to their individual bank servers.. All of this is

accomplished via SSL, a widely used encryption technology (Secure Socket Layer).


A third party processes payments on our website; as a result, they are not permitted to

divulge any personal information about our clients because they have signed a   anon-

disclosure agreement with us