Terms And Conditions:


Vachya Impex (“Company”), which also operates this website under the domain names “vachyajewels.com” and “www.vachya.in,” has its registered office at Building no. 3608, Gali No. 11-12, Regar Pura, Karol Bagh, Delhi-110005.

You are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions outlined below while viewing the services displayed on our website, vachyajewels.com. These terms and conditions are subject to periodic revision, so it is possible to assume that you will accept and agree to abide by them as long as you continue to access this website.


The company is not required to inform you of any modifications to their terms and conditions that they make from time to time; rather, it is your responsibility to be aware of any changes. The only owner of all intellectual property rights, including copyright, in this website is company. Any use of the website or its details is banned, including copying or storing it in whole or in part without company ‘s consent.

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions, or if you have any complaints or comments about our website, you may contact us by writing to vachyajewellery@gmail.comfor inquiries pertaining to retail or business, respectively.                                                                                                                          


Terms & Conditions for Pan Cards

PAN card information must be given while making an order using the Vachya website for purchases of above Rs. 2 lakhs; failure to do so would result in the cancellation of the transaction without any notice.

For domestic shipping, if the order amount exceeds Rs. 2 lakh, the customer must have to provide his or her PAN card information and go through the verification process. If PAN card verification is not finished, the order processing will not move forward on the payment page. The billing name must match the information on the PAN card in order for the PAN card to be confirmed; otherwise, the client will not be permitted to continue.


Eligibility Criteria:


Anyone under the age of 18 will not be permitted to access, purchase from, or enter into a contract on or through their website, and anyone who is deemed unable to enter into a contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872, will not be permitted access.

Anyone from outside the region of India who chooses to visit this website is obligated to follow all applicable laws, including those in India. We reserved the right to accept or reject such orders that were submitted from Indian states where direct sale of goods or stock from other states is prohibited and requires special documentation for sales without double taxation.


Pricing And Payment:


 Domestic Orders: The approved payment method, price, and taxes for all items delivered within India are INR, MRP, CGST/SGST, and IGST.  The payment gateway is Billdesk.

International credit cards are occasionally accepted for domestic orders, but they must first be translated into Indian rupees (INR). Depending on your credit card’s policy and the provision of a government-issued picture ID, currency conversion fees may also be applicable. Identity evidence for the nation of residence is also required, and examples include an Aadhar card, a passport with a visa copy, a driver’s licence, an employment card, and any other ID. If you paid using a credit card from a foreign bank or an international card, you are required to provide the copy of the same.

 International Orders:  Payment for outside orders may be paid by using an international credit card, a debit card issued outside India. All relevant taxes, shipping costs, and handling fees must also be paid.


Delivery Rule:  

We have a responsibility and liability to protect the privacy of the data that our customers have entrusted to us and to ensure that this data is not disclosed to any other parties.

When an order is confirmed, a tentative delivery date will be established, and when it is shipped, a delivery date will also be generated. For Order Status, you may write to us on email as provided herein above.




 When registering on www.vachyajewels.com, one must enter genuine, accurate, complete, and up-to-date information about themselves.

To keep registration information accurate, relevant, current, and full, one shall immediately maintain and update it.Company Reserves the right to suspend or terminate your membership and deny you access to our website at any time if you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete, or out of date, or if we have good reason to believe that such information is untrue, inappropriate, incomplete, out of date, or not in accordance with this user agreement.

If a non-delivery happens as a result of an error on one’s part (i.e., giving a false name, address, or any other incorrect information), any additional costs for re-delivery should be billed to you, and you are responsible for paying such costs.

Every time you ask for such information, it will always be given to you in an honest and accurate manner. We reserved the right to at any moment verify the data and other particulars you submitted. Additionally, Vachya had the ability to request more information before accepting orders or, in some circumstances, before completing deliveries. If the information is verified and found to be incorrect (either entirely or partially), Company reserves the right to refuse the registration and prohibit you from accessing the services of www.vachyajewels.com and/or other related websites without giving you any previous notice.

You shall provide the address where delivery of the product(s) you bought is to be made and which shall be accurate and appropriate in every way.

Carefully reading the product description is a must before placing an order. You agree to abide by the terms of sale and invitation to offer included in the item’s description by making an order for a product.

 Company shall not be held responsible for a delivery delay caused by a natural disaster, a holiday, or any other unforeseen event if it occurs during the course of the transaction.

If you use a foreign bank card or an international card to pay for a domestic order, or if you requested goods to be delivered outside of India, you must present us with official picture identification. For instance:

1) Pan card 

2) Driving License 

3) Passport 

4) Voter identification card

5) Aadhar


Company Reserves the right to limit the amount and/or value of the things you can buy as well as impose any other limitations on orders made using the same credit card or debit account, the same billing address, and/or the same delivery address. When such restrictions are necessary, we will let the consumer know.Company retains the right, in its sole discretion, to impose restrictions on sales to anybody.




While prohibiting sales to anybody, Company is committed to control the purchasing quantity/price of the goods, credit/debit card policy of the orders with the same billing and delivery address, as well as other relevant limitations. 


Safety Measures:

 It is prohibited to deal with unknown data or allow illegal access, or to attempt to do either.

ii) Unauthorized investigation, network testing, or attempts to circumvent security measures.

c) Interference with services or networks by infecting the website with malware, crashing the site, or sending spam.

e) fabricating or mitigating any TCP/IP packet header or its component and publishing a breach of system or network security. d) promoting and/or commercializing goods or services.


  Cancelation policy:


Company has the right to refuse or cancel any order for the following reasons: failure to adhere to product purchase limitations; errors in valuation or product description; and, in rare circumstances, the need for more information. We will notify the customer of the cancellation. 


When Customer Cancel The Order 


 Only before the purchase is dispatched to the specified destination can the customer cancel the order. Customers can email us to monitor the progress of their purchase. Following receipt of the cancellation request, we will begin the refunding process by charging 10% of the order total to your bank account using the same payment method that you used to make the original purchase.

If the transaction fails, the refund money as received by company shall be sent into customer bank account right away.


Replacement Policy


 In light of the items displayed on our website, their safety precautions, and customer support,Company Is committed to delivering client pleasure. As long as a customer has the option to cancel an order.


Domestic orders Return Policy: 

 If the order was delivered damaged and if the return request is approved then the product must be returned in the same condition as it was received, i.e., in the same form and with the same invoice, and only then a refund will be performed.


Instructions for Return:

1. Within 24 hours of receiving the goods, customers must contact Company’s customer service system.

2. Customers cannot return products unless a confirmation email has been received.

3. All items must be returned in their completely unaltered original condition.

4. A receipt or guarantee card is required; otherwise, refund requests will not be handled.


Given that no return request would be honoured after the allotted 24 hours.


Refund Processing


 The refund procedure will begin as soon as the goods is delivered. The money will be promptly transferred back to your account using the same payment method as the original transaction or by check, but the product must be in its original, unused state, complete with tags and invoices.

Once the refund procedure has begun, the sum will only be returned through check if the debit or credit card the client used to place the order is not currently in use.

If the consumer makes a payment online, the money will be repaid within 7 to 15 working days after receiving the returned item(s).


Domestic Order:


 Domestic orders—those that are delivered within of India—will be refunded after deduction of 10% of the order value.


Within 7 to 15 working days of receipt of the returned goods, all online payments made by customers will be reimbursed.


In circumstances of COD (cash on delivery, or when received), the amount may be refunded through cheque or an electronic transfer mode or any other mode at the option of the company. 



Due to the possibility of pricing differences and the fact that no two pieces of jewellery will weigh the same, we have the right to deny exchanges for certain goods. Please be aware that our pricing is based on the most recent prices for precious metals and diamonds in order to provide you the greatest value. These prices do periodically change as a result of shifts in the value of precious metals and jewels, which also has an impact on our prices.


However, the refund will be applied straight to your account or provided as a check if you want to cancel the order (before to shipment) or return the item because it was damaged. If a debit or credit card was used to pay for the purchase, only then will the money be reimbursed by check the order placement was rejected.



 Exchange Policy:  

 Return Policy

1. Jewellery sold through any outlet or directly by the company will be accepted for exchange under the terms and conditions of the company’s exchange policy, which is operated at the company’s discretion.

2. Products for exchange in 24kt, 22kt, 18kt, 14kt, and platinum will be accepted after a thorough examination for defects, weights, and originality, damage or stone defects (cracks, replacements, alterations), and the company mark / logo. It will not be accepted for company product exchange if there is any discrepancy in the product.

3. The original cash memo or certificate of authenticity is required for this exchange program.

4. The following are the product valuation terms:

 Gold and pure platinum goods will be priced at 100% of the current metal rate on the day of exchange.

Diamonds (on studded gold/platinum goods) will be priced at the current stone pricing on the day of exchange.

If a consumer purchases a studded gold or platinum product against the exchange, the solitaire (loose solitaire/studded gold or platinum solitaire) shall be priced at 100% of the prevailing stone rate.

 Any other product category not specified above should be confirmed with the relevant retailers for the current terms and conditions.


 5. All fees, taxes, and discounts applied to the first invoice will be fully subtracted.

6. For cash refunds, a further deduction of 7% for items in the studded group, 9% for products with loose stones in them, and 1% for all other product categories, including plain products, will be made.

7. The exchange program, if any, is subject to cancellation or modification without notice. Any exceptions will only be made at the company’s discretion.

Contact our outlet or our customer service to learn more about the exchange.


General Exchange Policy

 1. In accordance with the company’s terms and conditions, general exchange policy will accept non-Vachya jewellery items.

2. Only jewellery made of plain gold is accepted for exchange under this program.

3. No exchanges are accepted for studded goods.

4. Karatmeter will melt the product and determine its purity before evaluating it.

5. There will be a deduction for gold exchange. Visit the handy store in question for further information about deductions

6. Only exchange gold for Vachya jewellery; no cash return

7. To learn more, contact the company.

8. The General exchange programme may be cancelled or changed at any time without warning. Any exceptions will only be made at the company’s discretion.


Privacy Policy:


 We understand that protecting your privacy is essential to you. We guarantee that company will keep the information you have provided with us completely secret and won’t give it to anybody else.

We could ask for information such your name, birthdate, email address, residence address, phone number, etc. when you register or participate in a survey, contest, sign up for our newsletter, or place an order. You are always free to opt out of receiving our informational correspondence from Company.

Additionally, company does not take any payment information on its servers due to increased security concerns. Each customer’s information entered is instantly received by our payment gateway and sent to their individual bank servers.. All of this is accomplished via SSL, a widely used encryption technology (Secure Socket Layer).


A third party processes payments on our website; as a result, they are not permitted to divulge any personal information about our clients because they have signed a   anon-disclosure agreement with us


False and Deceiving Transactions:


 When someone uses the website fraudulently, company maintains the right to reclaim the cost of the items, collection fees, damages to company along with legal costs. Company reserved the right to bring legal action against anybody found using website information fraudulently or engaging in any other illegal behaviour or acting or failing to behave in a manner that violates these terms and conditions.




 Every item and piece of information on www.vachyajewels.com has a request for an offer. Your offer is included in your purchase order and is subject to the terms and restrictions indicated above. In whole or in part, we reserve the right to accept or reject your offer. When the shipment of the ordered product(s) begins, that is when we shall accept your order. Ordered product(s) may or may not be sent at the same time. In this case, the order’s dispatched component will be regarded as our acceptance, and the remaining portion will remain an offer to us; we reserve the right to accept or reject the remaining portion of the offer.

 Prior to the actual shipping of the requested product(s), company will not accept your offer by any act or omission. We will contact you through email as soon as we can to confirm receipt of your order, confirm dispatch, and subsequently, acceptance of the order, if you supplied us with your email address.

 We have made every attempt to correctly reveal the colours and sizes of our items as they appear on our website. However, your monitor will determine the precise colours you see. We cannot guarantee that the colour of the product when it is delivered will seem exactly as it does on your monitor when it is shown. The product’s packaging can be different from what is seen on the internet.


Website Content:


 All of the materials on this website, including the photographs, are the property of company. company own or have licences for all trademarks and other intellectual property (unless otherwise specified).

Without our express approval, you are not permitted to copy, reproduce, distribute, republish, download, display, post, or transmit any portion of the website. You may only print or download pages for private, non-commercial use. While we make every effort to ensure that the information on our website is correct, we cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions that are beyond our reasonable control. If you have any questions regarding what you may do, please contact us by email at _______ or by phone at . On various computer monitors, we cannot guarantee that colourful graphics will be shown accurately.


External Content:


Links on the website may lead to external websites that are not under our control. We cannot be held liable for such websites or provide any guarantees regarding them. Although we provide these links because we think they may be of interest to you, we do not control or recommend the websites listed. 




Except as required by law and even if we might have predicted the loss, we accept no liability for any loss or damage incurred as a result of our order online service or items delivered using the same.

Any product you purchase from our website is entirely up to you, and you agree to only make an order after carefully reading the product’s description and learning everything there is to know about the product’s features, characteristics, usage, etc. Company is not responsible for any losses or damages of any type incurred by consumers as a result of using the product



 Site Disclaimer Modifications:


 We solely retain the right to sometimes alter the disclaimer on our website. If this occurs, we will likely notify you by updating the site disclaimer and posting it online. We kindly ask you to refrain from using the website if you do not want to be bound by the updated site disclaimer.

The laws of India govern this site disclaimer, and if there is a disagreement between us, both you and we agree to submit it to the New Delhi courts’ jurisdiction.

The remainder of this site disclaimer will still be enforceable and effective even if a court rules that any part of it is illegal



Shipping Destinations:


Company services a few places in India. Please check the shopping cart checkout page to see if we deliver to your pincode. We regret any difficulty caused if there is no courier service available in your location..


Shipping & Handling Charges


 Domestic Order: Within India, we provide free delivery.

Partner in Shipping: Our local logistics partner is BVC Logistics and for international orders te logistics partner is Fedex.


  Order Tracking

By selecting, all logged-in users will have the choice to follow their orders.


Deliverable Time

Depending on the location, shipping times might vary; nevertheless, we do all in our power to deliver every item on time.

Domestic Order Delivery Period

If no government agency, organisation, or person operating on its behalf or following its instructions delays delivery, the product is delivered in India within 5-15 working days of the day the order is confirmed. If, in the odd case, we are unable to complete delivery of your item within the allotted time, we will cancel the order and let you know.  In these circumstances, the refund will be sent straight to your account using the same payment method. In order to guarantee that the items get to you promptly and in excellent condition, we only collaborate with reputable courier services. We also make sure that the receiver receives the package, thus we need the identification evidence to confirm:

PLEASE NOTE: In order to accept the delivery, the recipient must present one of the following government-issued photo identification documents.


a. Pan card

b. Driving License

c. Passport

d. Voter identification card

e. Postal identification Card (Aadhar) 


For any customer assistance, you can call on our number 9650081688 or write to vachyajewellery@gmail.com.

 Transit Insurance: Company Will cover every item fully until it reaches you, ensuring the complete security of your transaction.


Reviews, Feedback, Submissions: 


Company shall continue to own all reviews, comments, feedback, postcards, suggestions, ideas, and other submissions that are shown, submitted, or linked in connection with your use of this website. Any such disclosure, submission, or offer of comments shall constitute an assignment of all rights in the copyrights and other intellectual property in the comments to company throughout all of India.

As a result, company is the exclusive owner of all such rights, titles, and interests and is not constrained in any way in using any remarks for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Any comments you provide may be used by company for any reason, without limitation or compensation to you. This includes publishing, displaying, and disseminating them in any media without offering you any sort of reward in any form. Vachya won’t be in any way compelled to

     a) Maintain the confidentiality of any remarks;

     b) Reimburse you for any comments;  

     c) React to any comments.

You acknowledge and agree that any remarks you post on the website won’t infringe against this policy or the rights of any third party, including any copyright, trademark, privacy, or other personal or property right(s), and won’t harm any individual or group of individuals. Additionally, you agree that none of the comments you submit to the website will be or contain libellous or otherwise illegal, threatening, abusive, or obscene material, nor will they contain computer viruses, political campaigning, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass mailings, or any other kind of spam.


 The company does not routinely examine the comments that are posted, but it does retain the right (but not the responsibility) to keep an eye on them and delete or remove any that are put on this website. By submitting your name, you give Vachya permission to use it in conjunction with any comments. You promise not to impersonate anybody or anything, use a fake email address, or otherwise mislead as to the source of any comments you post. You agree to keep Company and its affiliates indemnified for all claims resulting from any comments you submit since you are and will always be entirely responsible for the content of any comments you make.Company and its affiliates disclaim all liability and responsibility for any remarks made by you or any third party.


Copyright and Trademark:


All intellectual property rights in any text, programmes, goods, techniques, technologies, content, and other items that appear on this website are reserved by Company Anyone who has access to this website is not permitted to use any name, logo, or mark in any way.


Every piece of information on this website, including photos, text, graphics, designs, icons, photographs, programmes or downloads, video clips, and textual and other materials, is only meant for private, non-commercial use. The website’s contents and other materials may be downloaded or copied for your own personal use. No such downloading or copying results in the transfer to you of any right, title, or interest in any such materials or software. You cannot replicate (except as noted above) publishing, transmitting, disseminating, displaying, altering, making a derivative work from, selling or taking part in the sale of, or otherwise exploiting in any manner, in whole or in part, any of the contents of the website or any associated software (aside from what has already been mentioned). All software used on this website or by its suppliers is the exclusive property of Vachya Jewels, and it is protected by Indian and international copyright laws.


Force majeure: 

We are not responsible for any delays or failures to complete any of our responsibilities under this agreement, and we will not be held responsible for any loss or damages you may incur as a an act of God, a war, a civil uprising, any form of governmental or legislative limitations, bans, or enactments, exchange control laws, import or export restrictions, an accident, or a lack of availability or delay in transportation.





 This user agreement will be in force until either you or Company decides to discontinue it. This user agreement is terminable at any time by notifying us in writing using Indian postal services—either by registered mail or speed mail—that you no longer desire to be affiliated with this website, as long as you stop using it going forward.

 This user agreement may be terminated by Company at any time and without prior notice, in which case access to this website will be revoked. Such a cancellation won’t subject Company to any obligations. You must immediately delete all materials you have downloaded or otherwise obtained from this website, along with any copies you may have made of those materials, whether made in accordance with the terms of the user agreement or not, upon any termination of the user agreement by either you or Company The right of Company to make any comments shall continue even if this user agreement is terminated. Your commitment to pay for the product(s) you have already bought from our website will not be cancelled by any such termination of this user agreement, and any responsibility you may have will not be affected. that could have been imposed by the user agreement on you..


Governing Law And Jurisdiction:


The appropriate Indian laws shall be followed in handling this user agreement. Any legal action resulting from this user agreement shall only be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in New Delhi.


.Modification Of Terms And Conditions Of Service:

  Changes to Terms and Conditions of Service: Company reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of this user agreement at any time without providing you with any prior notice. Following any such adjustments to the user agreement, we will send you an email at the address you gave at registration on our website informing you of the changes. The most recent version of the user agreement is always available on . You should frequently visit _________ to review the user agreement. You have the option to stop using our service if the changed user agreement is unacceptable to you. However, if you want to use our service going forward, you will be regarded to have accepted and . decided that you would be bound by the modifications and that you would follow the new user agreement. o the updated terms and conditions, you made the decision to be bound by the changes, and you agreed to follow the updated user agreement.  


Privacy Policy:

Company (“Vachya,” “We,” or “Us”) is committed to exercising due diligence and adhering to the privacy laws that are in force in the nation where the product is distributed. The privacy and security of your personal information are Vachya’s top priorities, thus we conduct business in accordance with the relevant legislation.

 This privacy statement aims to tell you about the personal information that is collected from you, how it will be used and disclosed, how you may limit its use, and how it will be safeguarded when you use the Vachya application or a third-party app created for Vachya (the “Application”). We do not sell your personally identifiable information, but we may disclose it to third parties that help us run our company, run our website or application, or provide for your needs, provided that they sign a confidentiality agreement.


What information about you will be gathered:

Information that you voluntarily provided:

We may ask you for personal information, such as your name, phone number, email address, postal address, username, and password, when you access certain functionalities offered by the Application, such as when you register for certain services, access, functions, or services.

Automatically gathered data when you access the Application:

a. When you download and use the programme, some data may be automatically gathered, including:

B. Internet Protocol (IP) Address of your machine,

c. The type of browser you use and the operating system you use 

d. The websites you visit and links you click on, 

e. Your broadband speed and details about the software applications you have installed on your computer,

 f. Typical server log details

Information gleaned from outside sources:

As authorised by law, we may get information about you from public and commercial sources, which we may combine with information we already have about you or that we have learned about you. If you choose to join with third-party social networking platforms, we may also get information about you from those sites.


 How we make use of the data we gather:

 General: Vachya may use the data collected from you to register you or your device for a Service, to deliver a service or feature you need, to deliver personalised content, and to give suggestions based on your prior usage of our Application.

Advertisements: If you have given Vachya your prior consent or if we are otherwise permitted to do so by applicable law, we may use your information to send you newsletters, updates, and other communications about current and/or upcoming products and services via mail, email, telephone, in-device messaging, and/or text message (SMS).

 Vachya may use information to develop user group profiles or segment data, as well as to generate anonymous, aggregate statistics on how our goods, services, and reward programmes are used. We may share these statistics with other parties and/or make them publicly available.

Product/Service Improvement: Vachya may use your information to enhance and clarify already-available Vachya goods, services, and Applications, develop new offers, suggestions, advertising, and other communications, and discover more about customers’ preferences generally.

 Publication of your evaluation, review, and content: Vachya is free to use your product evaluations, comments, or other content that you have posted to our websites or applications for any purpose, including advertising.

 Vachya may use the data it collects from you to set up an account for a Service for you or your device, to deliver a service or feature you ask for, to deliver personalised content, and to give suggestions based on your prior usage of our Application.

If you have given us your previous approval or we are otherwise authorised to do so by applicable law, Vachya may use your information to send you newsletters, updates on new goods and services, and other communications by mail, email, phone, in-device messaging, and/or text message (SMS).


Vachya may use your data to develop anonymous, aggregated statistics regarding the usage of our goods, services, and loyalty programmes, which we may share with third parties and/or make public. We may also use your data to create user group profiles, segment data, and other analyses.

Your information may be used by Vachya to improve and expand its goods, services, and applications, as well as to create new offerings, suggestions, adverts, and other forms of contact and discover more about the preferences of its consumers in general.

Vachya may link to, publish, or disseminate your product reviews, ideas, or other content anywhere you have added it to our websites or applications and made it accessible to the public, including in our own ads.


Disclosure of Personal Data in  Exceptional Circumstances:

a.  We could work with outside companies and people to speed up our services (e.g. maintenance, analysis, audit, marketing, and development). These third parties are obligated to Vachya not to divulge or use the information you provide for any other reasons and only have restricted access to it to perform duties on our behalf. Before being chosen as a third party provider, each of our approved third-party providers must pass a rigorous data protection compliance vetting process and agree to abide by all applicable data privacy laws, confidentiality agreements, and this Privacy Policy.

b. You will be prompted to agree to the third party developer user agreement and Vachya’s privacy policy before using the Application.


c. In some cases, we may need to reveal your information to third parties in order to abide by the law, react to a court order, verify or enforce compliance with the rules governing our Services, or safeguard the welfare of Vachya or any of our respective affiliates, business partners, or clients. 


 Your Options: We provide you a range of options on how we utilise your information. By following the unsubscribe instructions included in the email, you may decide whether or not to receive promotional communications from us. Additionally, you may typically change your preferences or by clicking on pertinent links.


Security: We place a high priority on the security of your personal information. To protect the data we collect in connection with the Services, we have implemented adequate physical and technological safeguards. Please be aware, though, that despite our best efforts to safeguard your information, no application, website, computer system, or wireless connection can be totally secure


Connections to Further Websites: 

The Vachya Application may provide links to additional websites. The privacy policies or the content of third websites or applications are not the responsibility of Vachya.

You could find links to other websites or apps on our application, or another website or application may direct you to our application through a link. The privacy policies and procedures of other websites or applications are not within our control. These terms of use, together with any other guidelines and privacy information made available in connection with that usage on their website or application, apply to the use of such material. To better understand your rights and duties, especially when contributing any kind of content, we advise you to review the policy of each website/application you use.


on such websites/applications from third parties. If you have any problems or queries, kindly get in touch with the website or application’s owner or operator.


The Privacy Policy has changed:

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time to reflect modifications to our procedures and service provisions. If we make changes to our privacy statement, we’ll let you know when the changes take effect. By posting a conspicuous notice on our website/application, we’ll let you know if we make any significant changes in the way we treat your information.