Ekal Vidyalaya

Ekal, which means unity and strength, was the only educational option for rural children. Although the government had built schools all over India after Independence in 1947, they mostly did not exist in small, remote villages. Further, low-income communities often depended on their children, especially girls, to contribute to the family income and help around the house.

Ekal approached these hurdles head-on. The organization’s leaders connected with rural communities and explained the value of educating children. To accommodate families’ schedules, Ekal schools ran in the afternoon, after household duties were completed. Families whose children attended Ekal schools were encouraged to spread the word. Operational Organizations

Ekal Abhiyan is a movement which is driven by many organizations to achieve the common objective of holistic development of Rural & Tribal India. At present all organizations work in synergy under an umbrella organization called as Ekal Abhiyan Trust to make it one of the largest grass-root movement driven by volunteers

Ekal Sansthan

Ekal Sansthan’s, mission is to bring forward the ideas, which can change the landscape of rural and tribal development in India. The seminar was a part of the efforts of Ekal Sansthan to enlighten people about the success story of 25 years of Ekal Vidyalaya Movement that has its presence in nearly 60,000 villages across India. We are an education revolution bringing literacy to 3 million rural children every year.