Jewellery is known as a symbol of esteem and royalty in many cultures. When it comes to weddings, birthdays or any special occasion diamond jewellery is considered a marker of financial success and makes a person appear classier. 

Whenever we think or search about the diamond, multiple options and keywords make us confused about what to buy and whatnot. You must have searched about engagement rings online and if yes, then the term Solitaire rings is inescapable you must have realized that. Everywhere it flashes but what are these solitaire diamonds?

Solitaire diamond rings are considered a symbol of commitment, excellence, and love. If you are willing to buy solitaire diamonds for your loved ones, then first you need to develop an understanding of- what are solitaire diamonds? And how they are different from other diamonds available in the market.  


While looking out for jewellery, most of us have heard this term multiple times but one can hardly know what it exactly means.

Solitaire implies a precious stone or other gemstone set in a piece of jewellery by itself. This describes that there is a single stone set in the entire piece of jewellery. Solitaire is known as single rock diamond in any piece of jewellery. Which seems aesthetically dazzling and outstanding.

Solitaire jewellery incorporates earrings, accessories, rings, wristbands, and men’s wedding rings. Fundamentally any type of jewellery is there in a solitaire design. A solitaire setting is known for its straightforward style, yet that does not mean it is less stunning than some other plan.

It hardly matters what you choose whether it is a solitaire diamond ring or a solitaire diamond necklace; you will never go wrong with solitaires. 


·    Unique yet classy diamonds-


 These naturally occurring rare diamond stones are showstoppers in the diamond industry. When we talk about solitaires, their natural shine makes them more unique in comparison to diamonds who are cut and polished well to make jewellery. The uncut diamond with natural shines makes it rare among all the diamonds. This rarity makes it more unique. 

·    Single rock diamonds shimmer brighter!

We just discussed the rarity and uniqueness of Solitaire diamonds while discussing their meaning. The single rock diamond can make anyone fall in love with the jewellery at first sight. The natural shine of these magical solitaire diamonds makes them classier to look at and wear. Solitaire diamonds look appealing and aesthetically mesmerising. Single rock’s attractiveness is unbeatable in the entire diamond industry. 

·    Engagements? Call for Solitaires!

Solitaire rings are the bride’s best friend, and this fact is widely known. You must be wondering why? The answer is simple, Solitaire rings globally celebrated as a symbol of love and the commencement of a loving relationship. Even the imagination of a proposal of engagement is impossible without these solitaire rings. Whether it is a Diamond ring, diamond set or diamond earrings nothing can replace the beauty and aesthetical value of solitaire rings. 

·    The setting of diamond jewellery.


The choice of solitaire diamond settings is quite popular in recent times most people go for Bezel settings. Bezel settings allow your solitaire diamond to appear popping out of the ring that makes it a centre of attraction of the ring. People rarely know about the Solitaire diamond prong setting and its types but these multiple setting options like- Claw setting, Nick setting, illusion setting and so makes solitaire rings appear more beautiful and attractive than a normal diamond ring. 


Apart from these few listed qualities solitaire have multiple featuresthat make it different from simple diamonds. 

Shapes share stories.

The physical form of a diamond can be analysed through its shape. Knowing the shape of a diamond is a necessary factor when you are going to buy your jewels. It is not a part of 4Cs, but it is recognized as an important factor when opting for a diamond. The physical appearance of the diamond is known as its shape whereas a cut describes its ability to reflect light, angles, and facets. One has multiple options to choose from when it comes to the shape of solitaire diamonds- some of the popularly known solitaire diamond shapes are- Round, Princess, Cushion, Oval, Emerald, Heart, Pear, Marquise and Asscher. 

Brilliant Cut

Brilliant cut also popularly known as Round cut is known as one of the most popular cuts. It is one of the most superior cuts because of the mechanics of its shape. Apart from this the proper reflection of light and brightness potential makes it customers first choice. On per carat basis round-shaped diamonds are more expensive than other fancy shapes. The main reason of it being expensive is its high demand but it is worthy of paying when you are getting best shine. 

Oval Cut

Oval cut is known as the modified style of the famous round cut diamond. People who prefer shinning round-shaped diamond with an illusion of length can opt this cut. Its modified shape creates an illusion that makes it appear elongated in length and greater in size. This cylindrical shape makes the wearers hands look longer and slimmer that is the desired effect of every buyer.  

Princess Cut

Just like its name it is the loved shape among all the diamonds. One of the fanciest diamond shapes is princess cut. They are often compared with round or brilliant shape diamonds as both are compatible with all styles of rings, but princess cut diamonds are less expensive in comparison to round cut diamonds because of its four-sided pyramid shape and less wastage that seems great option for buyers. 

Whereas Princess cut is the first choice when it comes to engagement rings. Its fancy appearance makes it best for occasions like wedding and engagements. 

Pear Cut

Pear cut diamonds are widely acknowledged as a combination of marquise and round cut along with tapered point at one end. The diamond is always worn with the tight and narrow end highlighting the hand of the wearer. It appears like a shinning water drop on the hand that makes it look beautiful to wear. It is quite like oval cut diamonds in terms of creating illusion of long and slim fingers. Ideally it is believed that pear shaped diamonds should possess excellent symmetry to reflect light at perfect angles. It includes 58 facets that allow light to reflect that makes it quite like round shaped diamonds. 

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds also known as step-cut diamonds are popularly acknowledged for its charm, beauty, and precision. Its ice like look and clarity make buyers want them more. It creates a hall-of-mirror effect that makes it different from all the other cuts, it looks as if one is wearing a dazzling mirror on the finger. The dramatic flashes of light and long lines on edges gives this cut an elegant look, appeal that is unforgettable. 

Asscher Cut

This cut is also known as Square Emerald Cut or some people believe it to be like Square Emerald Cut. Its cropped corners make it appear octagonal in shape at first glance. It holds larger step facets along with higher crown and smaller table that make it look shinier and more shimmery. These diamonds are more bright and shiny because of its clear appearance.  It appears more amazing when mounted in four prong settings as the shape get defined well in this setting. 

Cushion Cut

Cushion cut is a beautiful combination of square and round cut diamonds. The name itself defines it appearance, the round corners and square shape in the middle make it look like a cushion. It is recognized as diamond that hold romantic appeal along with antique look. That is the reason it is considered best for love proposals or best gift for her, when you are planning to express your feelings. It contains total 58 facets and fire that appeals the buyer. 

Heart Diamonds

This symbol of love is extremely popular form of solitaire diamond rings and solitaire pendants. It is considered as a modified version of round cut diamond. If you are willing to express your love with heart shaped diamonds, then symmetry is a major factor while buying. It is not considered best if you want a big fine diamond but looks aesthetically appealing in small and medium sized with accurate prong settings. But make sure not to go for a heart-shaped diamond that weighs less than 0.50 carat.   

Marquise Cut

It is modified form of round cut diamonds that is long and narrow in shape. They are ideally best for engagement rings. Its boat-like shape makes an illusion of it being large. If you need magnified look of a diamond then go for the marquise shaped cut diamonds, its large surface area make it look magnified.



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