Every Diamond Holds A Story To Be Shared and Heard.

Diamonds are one of the most admired gems on Earth. These shining diamonds are the centre of attraction of every jewellery store. Some belief it to be the symbol of love whereas, some consider diamonds as the parameter of royalty and class all the beliefs reflect the love and popularity this stone hold on our planet. Along with being people’s favourite, diamonds are related to multiple cultures in their way.

The beauty of these diamonds makes viewer awe stuck. Along with being beautiful, these diamonds hold multiple stories that make each diamond mysterious. The pearls we see behind glass instances of jewellery stores and galleries are usually a long time old and attracts every observer captivated by their brilliance and shine. Diamonds have been admired and adored by humans for centuries. People who buy diamonds hold multiple intentions to buy them. Some of us buy them as future investments, some of us gift them to showcase our love for our beloved. The interesting fact is that apart from this, we are unaware of the history this shinning stone holds with it. That makes it more desirable and mysterious at the same time. 

One Diamond
– Billion Stories


“Diamond” is initially derived from the Greek word “adamas”, which implied unconquerable and indestructible.

In ancient times, way before turning into a symbol of love or royalty like modern times, diamond was surrounded with multiple believes and superstitions. Many ancient civilizations trusted diamonds as gems created by lightning on earth. Earlier Diamonds were associated with superpowers like healing diseases, protecting one on battlefield, helps in curing blood diseases, protects an individual from fire, water snakes, poison, and evil spirits. Although Romans had slightly different set of ideologies related to diamonds, according to Romans carrying diamond at battlefield make warriors unconquerable and stronger. All the believes on the magical power of Diamonds make them unique and loved. This describes that you not only wear a gem rather you wear a long legacy.

 Origin of Diamonds

There are multiple claims regarding the birthplace of this shimmering gem. According to some famous historians’ diamonds trace their origin way back to 4 BC in India. Whereas some believe the land of origin is South Africa around 1866-67. A 15-year boy named Erasmus Jacobs found a transparent and shining stone like a rock on his father’s farm on the bank of Orange River in South Africa that marks the origin of shimmery rock now known as diamonds.

 A part from this history, the recorded data describes the mention of diamonds in old historic Sanskrit texts Arthashastra and Ratnapariksha.

That push the date of origin way back in 300 BC – 400 BC. Arthashastra written by Chanakya- The Father of Indian Economy is known as the oldest chronicle that states the trade of diamonds and describes how the diamond was a currency in ancient India. In another famous Sanskrit text known as Ratnapariksha.

There is a written record of the various classification of diamonds based on their quality. Both these historical texts cited the magical and powerful nature of these stones. Diamonds was considered as the most desirable gem and it was celebrated as the precious possession of Indian culture and history. On other hand holy Bible also carry a reference that describe the presence of diamonds in past. All these historical references indicate the presence of diamond in ancient times. Many invaders came and looted the golden bird of world – India which include the mention of looting precious stones and diamonds.

This makes one point clear that place of origin is majorly Indian Subcontinent. There are various instances to support this claim one famous instance is in 327 BC when Alexander the great invaded India and looted all the precious gems. He took all the treasure back to Europe.  Historically, the diamond was there in India since golden time, but it turned into a well-known gemstone in Quite a while, when the Mughals and Imperial Colony handily mined precious stones from mines along three significant waterways that made commencement of mass mining.

History and
Rise of Diamonds

Earlier diamonds were used as currency and medium of trade until 1704.In 1704 the great queen of Hungary ordered her crown to be decorated with diamonds. This decision of using diamonds as decoration marked the beginning of new tradition of using diamond as adornments. This incident changed the way people use to look at diamonds. Whereas way before 1704, use of Diamond in jewellery making was common for the royalties of India. India was known as the main source of world’s diamonds before 1896. Before 7th Century BCE the double diamond drill technique was there in the major part of western India that shows the presence of the fact that Indians used Diamonds as jewellery way before the Queen of Hungary ordered it to be embellished in her crown.

With the passage of time and increase trends diamond became the symbol of royalty and class around the globe. From West to the East this trend is deeply rooted even today. Royals using diamonds as a status symbol gave boom to the mining industry. Diamonds witnessed multiple change with time.

Every Diamond Holds A Story To Be Shared and Heard.

Medieval Age and Diamonds

After multiple phases in ancient times the diamonds witnessed its bright and lustrous era in India. Majorly all the famous diamonds of the world hold its place of origin in India. The reign of The Nizams is well known in India and around the globe. Along with power, bravery, and a great legacy Nizams were known for their mesmerizing and rare diamonds in the entire world. Diamonds have a wonderful history wherein India has a significant influence, including the famous mines of Golconda. In India it was believed that diamonds were originated in Golconda which was known as the origin place of diamonds. Blue hope diamond is known as one of the most famous stones from Golconda. Famous diamonds from this mine are-

  • Darya-e

  • The

  • Nur-Ul-Ain

  • The
    Regent Diamond

  • The
    Hope Diamond

  • Princie

  • Wittelsbach

Among this list Kohinoor also known as Mountain of light is the famous diamond around the globe. This 790-carat shinning diamond looks mesmerizing and magical to look at. There are multiple belief’s and stories associated with this historical diamond. Between its discovery date and now it got multiples owner some believed it to be blessed whereas some believed that it carries a curse or bring bad luck to its master or owner.

At present this gem is enhancing the beauty of the Crown and it is the most important part of the Crown of the United Kingdom.

Currently it belongs to the Queen Elizabeth also addressed as Queen Mother.

People know about Golconda diamonds, but they hardly know about the Golconda mines, its relationship with the great ruler The Nizam and its rare shining history.  

Whereas in early 1500’s the Portuguese traveller Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India that opened the vast route for diamond export from India to Europe.


As the demand of diamonds got increased, it became mandatory to make them in different shapes and sizes to meet the high demands of the market.  

The first diamond mines of South Africa were discovered around 1725, that impacted the already declined diamond industry of India. By 1870, they had mined more than seventeen million carats worth of jewels. That made South Africa the hot spot of Diamond industry. In 1829, alluvial stores were found in the Ural piles of Russia, which prompted the districts first precious stone mines.

In 1851, the initially recorded precious stones and mines were found in the Bathurst space of New South Wales, Australia. With the commencement of large demand in the diamond industry South Africa over a long period of time enjoyed high status in this industry as they were sole large-scale exporters of diamonds for the world. 1866-1871 this period in South Africa witnessed this mass supply of diamonds. In 1888 an organization named- De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd integrated to control and keep a valid check on global diamond trade.

As the precious stone industry started to blast in the last part of the 1800s and mid-1900s, and new providers arose all throughout the globe, foundational measures started to become alright to help purchasers and vendors the same have a uniform strategy for estimating the quality and estimation of their jewels.

Around 1931, The Gemological Institute of America is made, designing the 4 C’s (shading, clearness, cut, and carat weight) to help measure the nature of every pearl, just as the worldwide jewel reviewing framework. After three years, in 1934, The American Gem Society is made to help secure and instruct purchasers.

From ancient age to modern times there are multiple transitions that this jewel witnessed but still it is the best choice no matter what geographical, social, or religious background one belongs to.


Throughout the most recent 135 years or somewhere in the vicinity, yearly creation has ascended from ~1 million carats (Mct) in 1872 to 176.7 (Mct) in 2005, however this expansion has been definitely not smooth. Production has followed the ups and downs of the world economy, with unexpected increments achieved by new revelations and similarly as steep drops brought about by political disturbances and comparable occasions. An attention to the creation figures for the cutting-edge history of precious diamond mining not just assists us with understanding the effect of both political turns of events and geologic variables over the long haul, however it likewise helps the investigation geologist, diamantaire, and diamond dealer the same arrangement for future augmentations and interruptions to the supply chain.


In the lieu of recent decades, there are several trends which has been ruling on the market and became the key features in modifying the history of diamonds in the modern age. 

·      The rapid development of web or electronic based business in the diamond gems market brought down cleaned deals execution in 2019 and will keep on impacting the jewel pipeline.

·      Customer inclinations are evolving quickly, and the jewel adornments industry is confronting expanded rivalry from the Experiences and Electronics classes and from lab-developed stones.

·      The lab-developed precious stone market became 15% to 20% again in 2019. Chinese and Indian makers drove the expansion, supported by the enlarging value differential of lab-developed jewels versus common ones and missions that utilized the “green” advantages of made stones.


In the latter half of 2018, demands for the rough diamonds precious stones started to slow down, making inventories rise and costs to diminish. In the beginning of 2019, the revenue of rough diamond is relied on to decay up to 25%. Accordingly, significant mining organizations are changing creation plans for 2019, slicing down the minimum purchase requirements, bringing down rough diamond’s costs by about 5%.


        It must anticipate that the supply of natural diamonds should decay considerably in the beginning of   2021, with a yearly diminishing of 8% contrasted and of 2020 projections. The descending pattern from the previous few years will be intensified by supply constriction at Argyle and at Diavik and Ekati in Canada.

According to JAGDEESH MEHTA, MD of Divine Jewellery industry, “Precious stone like Diamonds has arisen as an excellent option in contrast to gold and has given yearly returns of around 12% in the course of recent years. He called attention to that Rs 10,000 interest in jewel in 2010 would have become Rs 18,000 (80 percent acquire) though a similar sum in gold would have become Rs 15,500 (55 percent acquire).”

        Most of times, people are generally confused as in the changing scenario where to invest money, which is the best asset to have. In Indian context it easier to think about gold more tan any of the precious element. But the question arises, is it mostly safe? Here we are trying to unveil the truth, in 2019, Indian government exceeds the import duty on gold at 12.5% but in the recent budget of 2021, the government tends to decrease the excise duty for 12.5% to 7.5%. And according to some experts in will decrease to some more extent, and soon at the latter half of 2021 the import duty will again increase, which will lead to the increase in price. All this topsy turvy curve of increase and decrease will always make you feel like being in dilemma. But the fact is investing in diamonds will lends to have more of an asset than gold, and its price will increase or will remain steady.


Now the question may arise, as in the world of technological advancements anyone can be easily targeted, but don’t worry we will provide solutions for that too. In December 2000, the United Nations General Assembly moved toward the making of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), a global affirmation for rough diamonds. As a continuation of this pattern towards more moral strategic approaches in the diamond industry, the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) was made in 2005 to build up moral norms, affirmations, and best practices around the precious diamond stone business.

Now, you must have realized the fact that you are not wearing just a jewel rather you carry a legacy and a royal history with you. Diamond industry have seen various twist and turns but even today it is shinning at its best whether it is future investment, engagement, love proposal or birthday gift  everything is incomplete without this magical stone.

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