Diamonds over gold? Forever!

Diamonds over gold? Forever!

This love bearing crystal is considered as a traditional symbol of Purity, love and faithfulness. Apart from beautiful history and spiritual meaning diamonds are claimed as better option for all the industry players to invest in. These industry masters believes that diamond is a better replacement to gold in terms of investment. Whereas for people who love trendy jewellery sets, diamonds are considered amazing option in comparison to gold. Whether it a love proposal or engagement ceremony it is tagged incomplete without shinning diamond ring. Specially when it comes to display your love what can be a better option than a twinkling diamond ring. Where old generation use to rely on gold the new generation is more fascinated and attracted towards diamonds because of its beauty and royalty, after all jewellery should look pretty and make you feel special. Whether it is diamond ring for anniversary or diamond set for birthdays no one can replace these shinny diamonds from your priority list.

Why Diamonds Over Gold? A Myth busting journey- 

Myths are all around us similarly since golden age we have been thinking gold as a better option over Diamonds. This preconceived notion is because of the benefits we all have derived from gold investments in past but with the evolving time we forgot to rerevise this ideology and bring change in our investment styles.  But to burst these ‘Myths’ we have brought and entire list that will for sure convey you that shinning diamonds are actually shinning more better than gold. Let us start this journey-

v Gold got Outdated.

As the time is changing people consider yellow gold as an outdated fashion to follow. On other hand Diamonds are making new statements daily in terms of trendy looks, amazing style, large variety of colors and royal impact that it creates.

“Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events…”  – Diana Vreeland

Above stated quote sums up the entire debate about which one is better, and the winner is – Diamonds…

vDiamonds are rock strong!

Now its time for a little science. If you will study atomic structure and molecular of diamond than you will understand why it is so strong and termed as rock strong in the industry. That gives an extra advantage to us because this scientific describes the reason behind the durability of Diamond jewellery. So, now I hope you will understand why ladies adore diamond bangles, diamond sets and diamond ring as a gift. 

Whereas gold can break easily after constant bleaching or use that makes every jewelry lover worried. This reason is enough to state that in terms of shine and Durability nothing can beat Diamonds.

vGold is only Golden.

We all know gold naturally occurs in one color and that is yellow which makes buyer restricted in terms of variety whereas in diamonds we see vast range of colors are there to choose from. If we talk about white gold that is a man-made metal, it does not occur naturally like yellow gold that confuse buyers at time. On other hand diamonds provide naturally amazing range of colors and styles that make it look elegant to wear.


vGolden shine fades away with time

It is impossible to keep your gold rings like new as always because even a single bump can spoil its lustrous shine and this one scratch can make your new ring look old that too just in minutes. Gold holds this tendency of wearing away or simply stating gold erodes after sometimes that make you gold jewellery look old super soon. Which is not the case with diamond due to its natural characteristic of being rock strong.

vPure Gold is malleable and soft.

Gold is known as a soft metal in its purest form but in process to make a jewellery out of it or simply stating to create gold jewellery, gold is mixed with alloys like nickel and copper. This mixing of alloys makes gold durable in nature but eventually you are wearing that is not pure rather mixture of alloys and gold. But if we see Diamonds you will see no mixture is required as diamond itself is considered as hardest thing on plant that assures it durability unlike pure gold alone that can be bent easily without alloys in it.

vResell value becomes scrap!

Today’s fluctuating gold price is indeed a great concern for Investors. When we talk about resell value of gold and diamonds, we need to understand the dynamics behind it. 10% of deduction is there for both the metals but when we melt gold only half of our gold ring will have actually gold in it rest are alloys that make our gold jewellery scrap and at the time of resell we will only get Scrap metal value of it. That is slightly different in terms of Diamonds as they are there in its purest form, so you receive good resell value in hand.


There are many more reasons that will convince that why diamonds are shinning in the market whereas gold is fading at a rapid speed. Above listed facts will burst your Myth that states – Gold is the king of jewelry industry. These facts will make you rethink about this stereotype that you have created and will help you as buyer to take wise decisions when you will buy jewelry.

This is a mini super guide that tells – why diamonds shine every time? and why they are replacing gold in the market. 

Behold The Beauty And Elegance with Diamond, Not Gold! 

Another reason why people prefer Natural diamond jewellery is that diamond’s prices are more stable than gold. Today gold price in Delhi may not be the same tomorrow and this is what often disappoints people, looking to invest in jewelry. Even the Latest diamond jewellery designs images keep adding to the catalog, you will rarely find variation in their prices.

Even you can insure it and this is why diamond is always the best choice to invest in.

Diamond is unique and available in a wide range based on shapes, colors, and sizes. Various factors are there to consider identify which type of diamond is worth investing in. Professionals provide particular guidelines to understand the exact quality of a diamond. The above-mentioned C’s are untouched and nature-driven. The cut of a diamond depends on whether its value and brilliance are decreased or increased

The diamond weighs 1 Carat equals to 200 milligrams

Understand Diamond versus Solitaire

Most people misunderstand Solitaire jewellery and could not differentiate it from diamond.

When it comes to purchasing solitaire rings, you should understand the basic minor difference between the two. Solitaire is a single diamond and does not have joints whereas the pieces assemble together to make jewelry is what we called a diamond. Diamond has an alphabetic system to rate the quality based on colors and other factors.

Is Buying Diamond Jewellery over gold a great investment?

When it comes to investments, we have so many questions in our mind because of the constant fear of being wrong. Old age thoughts influence us at every stage, but we need to re-evaluate it before going to invest. To all the questions that confuse you we got some factual answers. Below listed reasons can help you to find answer to such questions that run in your mind before investing. Afterall, investment is a big deal for an individual. You will understand that what makes diamonds better replacement for gold.



Diamonds accelerate the price – 

Earlier Gold was considered valuable investment but now with the changing trends diamond holds amazing investment prospects for the buyers. Whereas currently, continuous fluctuating gold rate make investors worried about the safety question. In industry, industrialist share the opinion that rings can be a good replacement in comparison to gold. So, if you are looking to invest skip the idea of gold and grab amazing diamonds instead. Diamonds experienced rapid exchange-rate appreciation in recent years that made this change possible. Diamond industry is not corelated with financial market that makes it an independent sector with better inflation hedge for high quality diamonds. According to estimation made by expert’s diamonds can give easy returns around 12% annually whereas gold is expected to increase but only in single digits. Thinking to invest in Diamonds? Our answer will be go ahead and bring these shinning gems home!

 Portability – 

It is said that “money must be portable.’’ In terms of comparison both gold and diamond have aesthetic value. However, in comparison to gold, diamonds are recognized as more portable. One can consider this gem as a fixed way to store the wealth.

 Buying gold and silver are considered as a ritual since ages and we follow the same league of our elders by keeping in mind the profits from it but with evolving time the way of investment is also changing rapidly. There are times when we think the old age ritual of thinking gold as champ is good but above stated reasons will help you to understand that why it is the time for you replace gold and bring diamonds in the club. 

Want to buy Diamonds? 

We all have so many questions before we buy jewellery. In today’s tech savvy world answer to such questions are just one search away but with variety of answers we lose the credibility of these answers being genuine and honest. Along with this we have multiple Jewellery store around us that gives us extensive options to buy from. But doubts are still there because so much information and so much of options make buyers confused. So, here is a small guide how to buy diamonds and from where to buy diamonds for your special ones like buying – diamond jewellery set for wedding or affordable diamond jewellery as a gift for him or gift for her we will provide answers to all your unstated queries.

As of now you must have understood that what makes these shinning diamonds better than gold or any other metal now it comes to buying it, people face a lot of difficulties in buying fine diamonds or certified diamonds easily.

So, let us get started –

vThe Four C’s are important.

Fine Diamond jewellery value rely on these four C’s- Carat, cut, clarity and color.

These legitimate variables control the diamond price globally. Let us understand it properly to buy fine diamonds.

1.  Carat- Carat is known as unit of weight. So, if you buy a diamond that is bigger the weight will be more, and it will end up being more expensive.

2.  Clarity– The clearer a diamond the more expensive it is and it’s the clarity that makes it desirable. Watch carefully while buying if there is any inclusions your diamond will be considered imperfect which reduces diamonds clarity.

3.  Color– Mostly buyers need their diamonds to be transparent and clear. Mostly diamonds are slight yellow to look at but you need to choose the transparent one as it more desirable and expensive.

Diamonds come in variety of colors these diamonds are known as Fancy Diamonds. These fancy diamonds are comparatively less expensive than white ones but holds beauty that can make anyone blind. But among these fancy diamonds, fancy blue and fancy red are termed as extremely rare and expensive.

4.  Cut– For first time Diamond shoppers this is a slightly difficult task to understand cut. Talking precisely about it the cut determines the diamond’s price in the market and it is considered as important quality of a fine diamond. Here we are not talking about round, princess, or cushion shaped cut rather we mean cut quality. Which means how well the craftsperson invoked the cut in the creation of the jewel from a rough diamond. 


vAlways go for the certified diamonds.

If you are the one who love safety over anything than ask for the certification whenever you buy diamonds. That will help you at the time of resale and simultaneously will give you a sense of surety.

There are so many things to keep in mind before buying these fine diamonds but above stated four C’s are good enough to guide and help you in buying pure diamonds that are not at all lab created. 

Ready to Gift What She Wants?

Finding the best options to pick an ideal gift for her is no longer tough with a huge collection of diamond jewelry available to suit the elegant style of your girl. If you are desperately looking to buy a ruby diamond ring or anything that she wants, you are in the right place. This guide will help you make the best choice on what type of diamond you actually want for her. Whether it is Heart shape solitaire or Customized jewellery of diamond, it is always good to know your options and how to reach them without having to face much trouble.

Perhaps the most obvious suggestion here is to explore online stores to surprise her with a diamond engagement ring or diamond jewellery set that you think she always wants to own. Of course, no one likes to go with outdated jewelry and counting on gold only is not at all the best move. Catch the signs that she has ever passed to express her interest in a particular option or style. The chances are that you will find Trending diamond jewellery that perfectly fits her style. Even there is no shortage of gift for him and you will find the most exciting one while flicking through thousands of options.

Now, you have a better understanding of how to figure out the best option from the diamond jewellery designs catalogue. In order to counter your romantic instincts, nothing could be better than this flattering and charming diamond jewellery for men and women.

Now, get ready to involve yourself in the decision of choosing the right diamond manufacturers. Here are your options to look for:

  • Buying from Online Jewelers

Turning to a trusted jeweler, who has a strong and long-standing reputation, to buy Indian diamond jewellery online always seems as the best move. You should start your search for ideal options and check diamond jewellery images to figure out which option suits you best. For this, you should keep the above details in mind and you will be able to crack the best deals from a unique online shop of jewellery.

  • Purchase Diamond in Person

Getting the cheapest diamond jewellery from a factory is not at all a tiresome job. You can visit a diamond jewellery wholesaler to find the best options in person. In fact, many diamond manufacturers are out there who stand for a strong online presence and well-established local background. Purchasing diamonds in person can be beneficial, as it would be easy for you to understand what styles, designs, and prices are available for you. It is highly recommended for you to count on a trusted platform only where you will be able to pay attention to all the charges related to Jewellery remake and Jewellery repair.

. Diamond is indeed always diva’s desire and carrying it in style is the only way to adorn your look like a gorgeous lady. Whether you buy a single ring or Jewellery in wholesale, you will definitely rock every minute of your life. Since the fashion and craze for diamonds keep increasing, getting your own collection of jewelry tends to get necessary. Now, no more fuss, no more price fluctuation, and no more old designs, you can look as stunning as you a diamond can look.

Get your glorious and gorgeous diamond today and make every head turned with jewelry that speaks to your style.  


From above discussion we can easily conclude that ‘Diamonds are better than gold in multiple ways.’

We at Vachya jewels sell fine jewellery that is certified and pure. Along with this we provide multiple options for our loving customers. Whether it is wedding jewellery, trending diamond jewellery or diamond sets for your beloved, Vachya jewels is one stop solution for all the kind of jewellery under one roof. At Vachya we never compromise with the quality. You will get certified jewellery with the promise of purity.

We also provide customized jewellery and jewelery box that fits your special moments. Along with this we provide multiple jewellery solutions like- jewellery remake and jewellery repair.

Here at Vachya we promise services as pure as transparent diamonds and as fancy as fancy red diamonds- that are rare, but people aspire to have it.

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder- Celebrate the beauty of diamonds with us at Vachya!


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