Black Diamond- Beauty with elegance!

Black diamond the name itself bring a bit of confusion for so many people who are unaware of the charm of this raw and beautiful diamonds. Here we are to lay some light on the beauty of these charming black diamonds.

As of late, black diamonds have gotten progressively famous, particularly interesting to those searching for something extremely emotional and diverse in an engagement ring or other sort of jewellery. They are an extremely special and rare type of coloured diamond. Black diamonds different from other extravagant colored diamonds, as these coloured diamonds are generally formed by chemical impurities present during the diamond ‘s composition

Natural black diamonds are so precious and beautiful piece of jewellery. They are different from other forms of diamonds as they are entirely opaque and considered as quite valuable. In recent year as the prominence for nonconventional wedding bands has developed the interest for these excellent pearls has gone through the rooftop and for a valid justification. Several types of black diamonds are there like natural black diamonds, treated black diamonds there are also man made or lab grown diamonds, but they all are real. These diamonds are popularly celebrated as a unique alternative for engagement rings. If you love unique stuff on your ring, then black solitaire is there to shine bright and give elegant look to your hand. The bold look of these black diamonds makes them stand out the crowd and popular among masses.

Let’s understand the mysterious range of these elegantly bold diamonds. 

What are the types of black diamond?

Generally, there are three types of black diamond one is natural black diamond and the other one is those who have been treated to look black and the third type of black diamonds are carbonados man-made black diamonds. 

Natural black diamonds  

These types of diamonds are different from other diamonds. It is an impure form of polycrystalline diamond comprising of graphite, diamond, and amorphous carbon. Carbonado is one of the toughest forms of natural diamond which is found only in Brazil and the Central African Republic. 

Treated black diamonds

They are of extremely low value due to presence of high amounts of inclusion. Because of so many inclusions they are used as industry grade diamonds. 

Man made / synthetic black

Treated diamonds are way cheaper than regular diamonds but lab grown, or synthetic diamonds are not as cheap as expected this is so because of lots of research, man power and expensive production cost.



Toughest natural diamond – Carbonados

They are porous, dark, and opaque and as mentioned above that they are the toughest form of the natural diamonds. They are made primarily out of microcrystalline diamonds in arbitrary crystallographic directions.  

Carbonados date from 2.6 to 3.8 billion years prior. During that range of the Earth’s history, present-day Brazil and the western shore of Africa might have framed a “supercontinent.” (This matching really went before the better-known Gondwanaland). It’s conceivable that a diamond meteorite struck the Earth around then, representing carbonado’s present distribution Carbonados appears similar as charcoal

Theories of origin of carbonado

  • Meteoritic impact.
  • Subduction.
  • Growth and sintering in the crust or mantle.
  • Radioactive ion implantation of carbon substrate.
  • Extra terrestrial origin.

Extra-terrestrial Origin

The extra-terrestrial (ET) model was at first proposed on the grounds that conventional earthbound situations neglected to represent significant attributes of carbonado, specifically diamond porosity, patina, polycrystallinity, uniqueness and location in contrast to diamonds, carbonados are never found in igneous kimberlite rock profound inside the Earth. Instead, they found in alluvial, sedimentary deposit. The ET situation posits that carbonado formed from carbon-rich, diamond bearing stellar bodies and additionally disrupted C-bearing planets.

Characteristics of Carbonado  

Carbonado is normally found in five significant size classes: >200 ct, 75–95 ct, 25–35 ct, 8–15 ct, and 0.25–1.25 ct. Colours differs from black and putty grey to shades of brown deep purple to corroded red, and a periodic olive green. Pores, an uncommon glassy patina exceptionally unpredictable surfaces and polycrystallinity recognize carbonado from conventional diamonds.

Black Diamond- Beauty with elegance!
Black Diamond- Beauty with elegance!
Black Diamond- Beauty with elegance!
Black Diamond- Beauty with elegance!


Shapes that make this unique diamond bolder.

Like you check and consider the famous 4C before buying diamonds similarly you should consider these 4C’s while buying your bold black diamonds. If you are heading to your nearest place to buy your black diamond engagement ring, loose black diamond   or any other jewellery make sure to ensure these 4C that solely determine the quality and look of your black diamond.

Shapes make your diamond different and pretty to look at, but all shapes are not loved by all the buyers. According to our experience and suggestion – Round shape, Cushion shape and pear shape are the most loved shapes. These shapes do not only enhance the look but also enhances the desirability of the uniqueness of black diamond.

Black diamond in the brilliant round cut is acknowledged as world’s popular and traditionally accepted shape. In any relationship commitment, it is known as the soul key that make bond strong similarly black diamond in round cut is celebrated as the symbol of commitment. 58 asymmetrical facets optimize the light reflection that make the actual shape of diamond appear more bigger and brighter.

Shapes of engagement rings are personally different for all according to desirability status. We have provided a mini guide that will help you shop your raw, shiny, and elegant black diamond. 

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